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Resurg the Trusted Experts with Industry Specific Solutions

NDIS providers have multiple IT systems covering Financial, CRM, Payroll and access to the Federal Governments Proda / Pace system. Accessing this data is a challenge and ensuring wage compliance is just as challenging.

Resurg has the solution to solve this challenges, match your budgets, improving profitability, reducing your time to produce reports and improve the productivity of your team. 

With a multitude of challenges from managing rosters to wage compliance or refundable deposit visibility - accessing this data is critical. Our analytics provide key insight to improve your business performance. Resurg has the solution to solve this challenge, understand your sales, key location and ensuring staff rostering matches budget. 

The retail industry faces significant data integration challenges due to the multitude of data sources involved, including sales transactions, inventory systems, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, and e-commerce platforms. Resurg solution simplifies data integration by providing pre-built connectors and workflows that enable retailers to aggregate and synchronize data across systems.

Organizations in travel and tourism use data and analytics to find patterns in structured and unstructured data that allow them to make informed business decisions. As an industry with tight margins, travel and tourism companies can use analytics to detect trends that help them reduce costs, decide future product and service offerings, and develop successful business strategies.

With a myriad of data available for FSI organisations, understanding where to focus for the most benefit is critical. whether it's understanding your customer loyalty, the governance and risk compliance posture or operational improvements - data is crucial in making better business decisions more efficiently. 

Our consultants have expertise across a wide range of Data Visualisation platforms and tools, giving you access to the best available solutions. Through a highly collaborative approach, we can design and build feature rich charts and reporting templates for your users. 

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