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Visualising your Data 


Crate Data-driven decisions with faster, more accurate analytics.


Our consultants have expertise across a wide range of Data Visualisation platforms and tools, giving you access to the best available solutions, whilst solving the Semantic layer across multiple data sources. Through a highly collaborative approach, we can design and build feature rich charts and reporting templates for your users. 


Unlimited Data Sources

AI at work

Organisations are dealing with multiple data sources and with different cloud hosting companies. Deploy our solution on your preferred cloud provider, usable on any OS, pull secure data into your preferred analytics tools, for advanced analytics. Solve the Semantic layer interface to seemlessly access and manage your data.

Many of the commonly used BI platforms and dashboards have limitations on the data that can be processed. Resurg is able to process & present data with a platform that is used by governments globally. 

Utilise our AI bot designed for architects to automatically generate accurate and efficient queries to answer business questions. 


Interactive Dashboards

The biggest challenge of dashboards is the data is a one way presentation layer. With Resurg, we define the fields that can be both read and write

Create flexibility with embedded analytics by integrating into any application or product.  

Create customised reports on the fly.


Security & User Defined Privledges

Not all users should be able to see all the data in your company. Define what data is accessed based on the users department and seniority.  Provide reusable security for admins, providing automated & centralized administration. 

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