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Organizations in travel and tourism use data and analytics to find patterns in structured and unstructured data that allow them to make informed business decisions. As an industry with tight margins, travel and tourism companies can use analytics to detect trends that help them reduce costs, decide future product and service offerings, and develop successful business strategies.


Customer Loyalty &
Marketing Insights

Travel companies need to develop scalable and flexible delivery mechanisms to attract and retain customer loyalty. Consumer behavioral patterns / insights and channel preferences should be at the heart of all customer acquisition and retention strategies. Another key determinant is the timing and relevance of offers when reaching out to consumers, given the gamut of information channels available to consumers these days.


Product Management
& Revenue

With complexity of travel products from multiple different suppliers, understanding the sales performance of suppliers as well as from stores and franchises can be a challenge. With Resurg data consolidation, tracking activity and the flow on rebates is a critical source of revenue for both the main buying groups and individual stores.    


Customer Insights &
Exec Dashboards

With multiple booking systems, capturing this data and consolidating into a single view provides team with real time insights, the ability to accurately forecast customer demand, understand customer behavior and market trends improving the customer experience.


Personalise your product offers like never before. 

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