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Data is a valuable asset that can help improve the quality and efficiency of government services and deliver a healthier society, environment and economy. This means using data insights from design to delivery to improve visibility and access to government services.


Performance at Scale

Resurg’s analytical capabilities on large and complex datasets can provide government personnel deep insights,allowing informed policy decisions, eliminate waste and fraud, identify potential threats, and plan for the future needs. Provide dashboards and information for the community to view and interact with.


Control & Governance

Authority and control over data assets, including planning, monitoring and following best-practice. It guides all other data management functions including metadata management, data quality and data security. To achieve this, government agencies need the tools and partnership when making the data available to public servants and the community. Resurg can simplify this approach and ongoing management.


Open Platform

Government infrastructure can be complex, powered by leading software vendors our approach is vendor & platform agnostic, with all major cloud & security providers and all OS options.

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