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Financial Services

With a myriad of data available for FSI organisations, understanding where to focus for the most benefit is critical. Whether it's understanding your customer loyalty, the governance and risk compliance posture or operational improvements - data is crucial in making better business decisions more efficiently. 


Customer Insights and Personalisation

Understanding your customers, their buying decisions across multiple channels is critical to drive growth and also provide the best possible experience. Consumer behavioral patterns / insights and channel preferences should be at the heart of all customer acquisition and retention strategies. Another key determinant is the timing and relevance of offers when reaching out to consumers, given the gamut of information channels available to consumers these days.


Data Integration &

Financial services data is stored across multiple cloud and ERP systems. Accessing this data can be complex due to scale and governance.  Managing access and managing the semantic layer interface is critical. Resurg with its partners simplifies this for FSI organisations, providing flexible dashboards for usage by employees and partners across a company's ecosystem.


Improving Operational Efficiency

When fintech companies encounter challenges to improving their operational efficiency they can turn to Big Data Analytics, AI and ML. It is imperative that fintech companies incorporate these technologies into their business processes and the algorithms being used for completion of business tasks.

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