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Resurg the Trusted Experts to Modernise & Drive Business Benefit from your Data

Our advanced and experienced engineers have assisted clients with the processing of critical data. From the ingestion of data from multiple systems, working with both structured and unstructured data, our engineers working with the latest tools can efficiently clean, transform and integrate data from multiple sources. Read more >>

Having the right backbone for your data services is essential for the delivery of secure data. Ensure your infrastructure can manage millions of data points and deliver the results to your businesses users at speed, securely. Resurg data experts have set up, configured and managed data lakes both on and off premises. Read more >>

Up to 80% of data in organisations is unused, Resurg can assist in unlocking this data provide additional insight to drive revenue opportunities and operational improvements. Read more >>

Our consultants have expertise across a wide range of Data Visualisation platforms and tools, giving you access to the best available solutions. Through a highly collaborative approach, we can design and build feature rich charts and reporting templates for your users. Read more >>

Your workforce is central to your organisations performance. Resurg are able to assist with HR Reporting, Automated Rostering, Data Governance and Data Integration.  Read more >>

Setting the right standards and data policies on how data is gathered, stored, processed, and disposed of it's critical for your organisation. Read more >>

Get access to the expertise required to monitor, manage, and keep your systems running 24/7, leaving you free to focus on your customers. Read more >>

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