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Improved Payroll Reporting 

Payroll systems are great at payroll.

Providing the analytics is what Resurg does best.

APA Highlights Payroll System Challenges 

The 2024 Australian Payroll Association survey highlights user challenges with system reporting (18% highlight a problem) and integration complexity (with 37% of respondents). 


Many companies are struggling to get the right information in a simplistic dashboard without having to access multiple systems. 

Resurg has the solution to solve these challenges, saving you money, reducing your time to reduce reports and drive productivity of your team. 

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Resurg is your trusted data Business Intelligence partner, with over 20 years experience.

Resurg HQ is in Sydney and has assisted hundreds of Australian enterprises with their digital data assets, providing performance improvements and insights assisting decision making for over 20 years.


Resurg is your leading specialist in data with a trusted team of experts. 

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