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Our Clients - WageSafe

End to End Infrastructure Deployment, Analytics & Managed Service

WageSafe was then formed knowing there had to be a better way to help companies, owners, and boards within a complex industrial awards program and increasing reputation and financial risk.


WageSafe is a flexible, cloud-based SaaS platform that delivers a solution to this problem. Resurg architected, configured and manages WageSafe's platform.


Truly unique as it has been built as a Software as a Service that can handle multiple data source integrations (payroll and HR information and time and attendance systems). The Resurg-built WageSafe award interpreter applies logic to each employee’s time and attendance records to enable a real-time comparison of ‘actual’ payroll (taken from the payroll system feed) versus ‘audited’ payroll results. The administrator dashboard is completely configurable to meet the need for heads-up understanding as required by the client, whilst the drill-down functionality allows an auditable record of actions taken.


It was built to rapidly scale and the platform provides governance oversight to the payslips of 64,259 employees every month, with a combined payslip value of $638m.


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