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Intuitive BI & Analytics Reporting

Data Infrastructure, Modernisation, Visualisation & Analytics

The quickest way to form a view with millions of data points.

We live in an age that is data and technology driven, in which data is turning into the key driver of success in any organization, no matter the industry.


In this thriving data-rich universe, businesses collect huge amounts of data with the goal of performance optimization, risk mitigation and meeting the rising expectations of business stakeholders and your clients.


Take control of your data and make it work for you.

Trusted Experts

Founded in 2012, Resurg has the data experts to support your business. From engineers & consultants to analysts.

Secure Your Data

With cyber attacks becoming the norm, securing your data infrastructure is critical to meet today's threat environment.

Speed of Execution

With ever increasing complexity of technology systems, Resurg simplifies project execution and ensures ongoing ease of use to maximise your returns.


Managed Services

Get access to the expertise required to monitor, manage, and keep your systems running 24/7, leaving you free to focus on your customers.

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Resurg is your trusted data analytics partner, accelerating expertise and data management for your organisation

Access to a workforce specialising in data analytics, business intelligence and AI is a challenge for organisations. Resurg has assisted Australian companies requiring specialised data skillsets which compliments your existing team to deliver projects faster. 

Data Analytics and the cyber security challenge is about people first, working with the right tools and processes.

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