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The New Standard in Data Modernisation 

Data Analytics, Data Warehouse, AI

Dashboards That Impress

It's Time to make the most of your Data. 

Whether it's you back end ERP or the front end dashboard, providing the right data in a modern infrastructure which is easy to use, is key for your business.

The most common challenge facing business is accessing live data, from inside and outside your organisation, in a simple and easy to use dashboard.

The difficulty is that the reporting for many ERP systems are an after thought. This combined with a multitude of ERP, Payroll, Operational, HR and CRM systems creates complexity of reporting, with multiple dashboards and multiple sources of truth. 

Whether you have data housed in BusinessObjects, SAP, Cognos, Oracle or other ERPs we have the connectors to extract and present your data.

The solution is to combine the critical data in one dashboard. Expose your data to different users groups, either internally to (Management or User Groups) users or externally with partners and suppliers. 

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Resurg is Australian owened and operated and has assisted hundreds of Australian enterprises with their digital data assets, providing performance improvements and insights assisting decision making.  


Resurg is your leading specialist in data with a trusted team of experts. We work with all the software companies you know - Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, MicroStrategy, Snowflake, DataBricks and more.  

Resurg is your trusted data Business Intelligence partner, with over 20 years experience.


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